Monday, February 2, 2015

Football- or some sports thing was going on

I don't actually know anything about football.  

I just know I have to root for the Packers because I live in Wisconsin and it is required.  I think they kick you out of the state otherwise, or at least don't let you have any of the good cheese curds.

  Last night we were rooting for the Seahawks over the Patriots because Master said so.   We didn't actually watch the game though.  
We read our books in bed (I'm reading A Feast of Crows from the GOT series and he's reading a history about Hirohito) and then he got a blowjob. I got a cum-dessert. 
Afterward he asked "Do you feel used, cunt?" and I agreed that I did.  It was a happy feeling.  My cunt is still sore from earlier, which makes me kind of horny all over again. 

Another picture from the ones I took last week:

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  1. Nice that you feel used and your cunt is still wore. Must have been a good session.



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