Monday, February 23, 2015

Morning Belt Practical

I often meet Master in the bedroom as he gets dressed in the morning.  Usually he reminds me of the things I have to do that day, and sometimes there is a little other reminder too.

My newest rule is that I need to have a lunch prepared for him on workdays, so I get that done before I meet him upstairs.   

This morning I waited on the steps outside his bathroom, then followed him to the bedroom.  

As he dressed, I knelt.  Then I crawled to him unasked and kissed his feet.  It's just something we like :).  It makes me feel good and submissive.

He told me to stay right there in that position.  I heard him getting out his belt, with its distinctive jangle.  The first crack landed directly on my cunt and I whimpered and nearly fell over, but struggled myself back to position.  I was instantly wet.  The next few struck on my ass.  Then he got behind me, wrapped the belt around my waist and humped against me roughly.  We were both still dressed though; sadly it was time for work.  

He ordered me to roll over and he placed his foot firmly on my neck.  He told me to come, and I did.   Then he had to head out, but I'm filled with happy tingly thoughts now.  And a sore, very wet pussy.

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  1. Now...that is how to get a day off the a good start!
    hugs abby


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