Monday, February 9, 2015

Good weekend

After a bad day on Friday, the weekend steadily picked up.  Master worked Saturday morning, then we went to the rope demo and that was great fun.  I had no bad mood left by then.  

Brownie fudgie sundaes with caramel helped (Master got me the special lactose free ice cream on his way home; is there any greater love?).  I'd made the brownies Friday, of course.

Also, for a few minutes before the munch he bent me over the bed and fucked me, just enough to get me all excited.  He also strapped me to leave some welts.  Then we went and did ropework at the demo/munch.   

Dinner afterward was a lot of fun, though I feel the food quality at our chosen restaurant is slowly slipping.  Pad Thai was just "eh" not full of flavors.  The good company made up for it though.  Master spent quite a while talking to several young ladies about our upcoming scene(s).  That will be at a party next weekend.  I'm very excited about the whole thing.  I'll be participating somehow, but I won't know the details until it happens.   There was a whole huge deal about what to do and where to go after the party, involving many people, feelings, this and that- you don't want to know... blah blah blah.  I think we are just going to come home, even though it is a long drive late at night.  We can't afford a hotel at this time.

He told me that I was feeling the lack of beatings this week, and it was making me mopey.  

We had an awesome time playing Saturday night.  
He fucked me quickly and came inside me from behind, and then spent a very long time beating my ass with the misery stick and paddle.  I felt bad in the middle of it because it really started to be annoying.  He was in a long sequence of light tapping and I grabbed the cane and said I didn't like it, it was really annoying that he was tapping so light, over and over.  I know that I am doing this slave thing all wrong according to some, since I did something so stupid.  But it was really annoying, and I couldn't take it anymore without saying something. I suppose subspace had something to do with both how terrible it felt and also with me not just suffering in silence.  Inhibitions=gone.

  He told me he appreciated my communication (!!!) after I asked if I was topping from the bottom, and then he really beat the heck out of me whilst saying "Too light is annoying? Hard is much better?" and such things.  I loved it though.  I was so far in subspace that the harder he punched me the better it felt.  The misery stick and paddle hurt like hell, but in a good way too.  

In the morning before we even got out of bed he had me put the butt plug in and fucked the heck out of me.  It was so wonderful. 

We had a very busy day Sunday, with all kinds of work for both of us to do in the morning, then a new friend came over for gaming in the afternoon, and then just Master and I relaxing with Game of Thrones at night.  I was a naughty, cheeky slave when he told me to go downstairs and feed the last dog.  I climbed over him, but then got "stuck" and "Couldn't find my way out of bed" while rubbing myself against him until he was all turned on and ordered me to fuck.  Heh heh.  I'm really not that meek at all.  More super slutty, actually.    But he likes it, so I'm good. 


  1. :D Glad things are looking up!

  2. Mopey from lack of beatings - so funny that this can be so true. I'm glad you are feeling better. I've wondered (wistfully) about finding and getting involved in the local community, by me - I assume there must be one. It sounds like something that you two find worthwhile.


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