Thursday, February 19, 2015

It Was Just A Theory

We were in bed and he'd just picked up a long willow switch when he noticed I was wearing my day collar rather than the leather one.  

"Slave, go get your other collar", he chided me.

While I was getting the leather one out and changing them I was half hidden behind the dresser.  The stick was long enough to reach out and whack me in uncomfortable places, such as my sides and thighs.   I danced and shrieked.

Master said "Well, if you'd put the collar on where I could see your ass it might not be so bad."

I moved obligingly to where he could see and get a good swing at my ass.

This time he hit much harder and again and again on my butt.  Ok, that hurt even more!

"Well, it was just a theory" he grinned at me.  


  1. lol i was intending as saying much the same as gg..she beat me to it


  2. Thought the exact same thing about theories... lol


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