Sunday, August 28, 2016

Walking, Naughtiness in the Woods

Master and I have been trying to walk every day together, as long as the weather is decent.  Sometimes if he gets home late and it is almost dark after dinner it is a short walk.  But yesterday he only worked half the day.   I was feeling really gloomy.  Several things unrelated to Master had gone wrong, and I ended up heading out for a walk on my own.  He was watching one of those horror movies that I really hate, and I needed to do something besides sit at the computer or housework.  So I walked. 

I didn't get very far before I had this weird urgent feeling that he needed me, so I turned back and started jogging.  I had only gone 1/4 mile or so toward home when I saw him walking up the road toward me. 

Walking with him and chatting about this and that greatly raised my spirits.  On the way home he mentioned taking me in the woods, and I got all excited.  We weren't very far off the road, just behind a few rows of trees so if anyone drove by they would see us.  He had me tie the dog to a tree and then kneel in front of him.  He used my hair as a handle to pump his cock into my face.  I loved it.   Then he stood me up, pulled down my pants and fucked me for just a few seconds until we heard a distant car noise.  We got all rearranged and looking "normal" before it passed us.

 Bad mood completely lifted!   Amazing how that works.

When we got home he led me into the barn and he had me remove my shirt and kneel in the dirt in front of him.  Then he yanked down my pants, put me up on the front of the lawnmower, which is evidently the perfect height, and lifted my legs to his shoulders to fuck me.  

Later that night he had me put in the butt plug, he spanked me with his hand and the cane, and then fucked me seriously hard.  It is so delightful being with Master. 

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