Monday, July 17, 2017

About Saturday Night

We went to the geeky play party Saturday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had a wonderful time.  We started out with lying on pillows and cuddling, then Master wanted his feet rubbed.   I enjoyed doing this while I soaked up the ambience of many cuddling bodies on one hand and the beginnings of several scenes around us with floggers and electrical devices.   

As more people arrived, we went to look for games to play in the game room, and found a fun little non-kinky card game to join.

When we had finished a few rounds of cards, Master said it was time to beat on me, and I grabbed the bag and went back to the dungeon room.   He chose one of the few pieces of available equipment, a spanking bench.  He had me strip.  I pulled my dress over my head and put it to the side, also removing my glasses. I left my panties on until the last second, though I knew I'd have to lose those too.  I'm never sure if it is more a remaining modesty or just how much I love hearing him order me to remove them.
 (sshhh, slave secret!)

He told me to get on my collar, then he handed me the wrist cuffs and said to put those on as well.  He began laying out instruments as I worked on donning the cuffs.  

Master got the hood out and slid it over my head.  As he tightened the buckles and straps I felt myself slipping into a kind of altered state already.  He led me to the bench and I knelt on the padded kneeler, bent forward and held my hands out to him.  Master stretched my wrists even further and tied ropes to the cuffs to tighten me up.

He began with the soft floggers, which is an all over body massage feeling.  Intermittently he ran his hands slowly over me, over my back and behind, between my legs, checking to see how wet I was. He ran the leather paddle over my back; I could identify it by feel.

It cut sharply into my ass, over and over, until I was squirming against my ropes.  Then he switched back to floggers, I think the stingy ones this time, although events have all run together in my mind now so I'm not sure.   They fell hard on my ass, my back, my upturned feet, ankles and calves.  The flogged ankles were especially painful, feeling like fire raining down on them each time.  There was no where to go, however, I was tightly restrained so I simply accepted it.  

Master got out the wavy paddle, Kris, and rubbed it across my body.  I shuddered a little on the inside, knowing just what it would feel like, and how painful it would be in a second or two.  At the same time I wanted the pain.  It was painful, and I struggled more against the rope, and the first whimpers began to be forced out of me.  I'm not sure why I'd been uncharacteristically quiet, but it might have been the effect of the hood making me feel disconnected from everything around, even partly from myself.  Plus, floggers and leather straps just aren't as painful to me as that wooden paddle!  He fucked me with his fingers until I soaked the towel he'd placed beneath me.

By the time Master untied me and removed the hood I was quite wobbly. He had me sit on the bench and he flogged my front as well.  Then he had me spray down the equipment while he went to get a bed ready.

He sent me over to the mattresses.  There were people on each side, on other mattresses, no more than a couple feet away, probably already fucking although I couldn't see well without my glasses, and I could not tell who they were.   

I was shaking all over in reaction to the beatings, but I lay back and waited for Master.   He fucked me until the shaking stopped and then fucked me some more.  

By the time we collapsed in a heap on the mattress almost two hours had passed, most of that with beating and flogging.

We rested a few minutes, put our clothes on and then went to get snacks.  I drank almost a whole bottle of water in one gulp.  This time, no dehydration issues and no subdrop, so that was good.  It was a wonderful night for me, and a perfect anniversary celebration. 


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