Friday, July 7, 2017

Vacation Over

Our child-free vacation is over, which is kind of good, because I missed them!

I was driving down to Missouri again on Monday when I heard this weird scraping noise coming from under the car.   I pulled off at a gas station and looked underneath, only to discover that there was a large piece of metal dragging from the bottom of my car.  I know basically nothing about cars, but I thought this is probably a bad thing.  So I drove a block down the road to a car repair place that was open July 3 (lucky for me).  They said I'd have to wait for hours to get it looked at.   I went back outside and called my Master.  He had some suggestions for me, and started looking online for other places in that town.  I took the simplest one first.  I went back in and told a different guy of my plight and asked if he could look under the car and tell me what the thing hanging down was.   He did.  It was one of the straps that holds the gas tank on, but the bolts and other strap were doing well enough, he thought, for me to make it to Missouri.  So I went on.

I did get it fixed by my parents' trusted mechanic there, which was kind of a hassle, but worth it.  I really, really want a new car now though.  I'm very tired of this one always breaking down. It's a 2003 with a lot of miles, so it is really old.  

"Piece of crap"  applies well.   Sorry, car!  

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