Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Master took me by one wrist.  I felt my whole body soften in response to him.   He twisted it behind my back and I stayed soft and unresistant, but now the first prick and tension of arousal came.  His other hand gripped the back of my hair hard and captured in this way I was pushed across the dining room to the stairs.  I made my way up carefully but not dawdling with him behind me still holding me tightly.  In the bedroom, he released his hold and shut and locked the door behind us.  

He stripped my clothes, ordered me into bed, and reached into the drawer.  I saw the cuff strap I heard the slight jingle of the nipple clamp chain.  He tied my hands to the headboard rails and pulled them tight.  He attached the clamps and sat over my face, fucking deep into my mouth to choke me.

He fucked me until it hurt. Sore nipples, sore cunt. 

Later that night I went up to cuddle with him at bedtime.  He was going to bed at 7:30pm after working the overnight shift, so I was going to stay up a couple more hours after the cuddling.  "Cuddle" turned quickly to cock sucking, and then to some very painful fucking. I think my insides are bruised.  Lucky me!  I like being used painfully this way. 


  1. Hi there, We are new to bondage and just beginning to realize some rougher play is intriguing to both of us. Any suggestions for what/how to get started? Amy

    1. I recommend joining Fetlife, and/or a local kink group (they can be found on Fetlife if you search your location). Also, talk to each other about what seems like the most fun and try that. I guess just start slowly to make sure everyone is having a good time, and communicate feelings.

    2. Everything you need to know about rough play:

      Seriously, though, ksst is giving you good advise. Also, take some judo or aikido or wrestling. You have to be very aware of both your body and your partner's body.

  2. Thank you both. We have company this weekend but look forward to watching the video together once they are gone. I've heard of Fetlife but not really sure what it's all about. Can't seem to find much without joining. Amy


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