Monday, July 31, 2017

Birthday Spankings

Saturday was my 46th birthday.   Master and I fell asleep at about 8pm.  I had to get up later to feed and let out dogs, so it was probably 11 when he woke up too and told me I still needed my birthday spankings.

He had me lie on the bed and got out one of the canes.  He tied my hands to the headboard with the leash and started up the ladder.  I guessed that he was going all the way to 46, and he did.  If you remember the ladder game, that's not 46 spanks.  It's a lot more.


one, two
one, two, three
one, two, three, four 

And so on, up to 46.  

It wasn't all on my ass.  He also did my shoulders, my tits, my cunt, thighs, calves and the bottoms of my feet.  It was a great night.  I think I should have lots of birthdays.  

Sunday he made me a cake, and we had cake, and then Game of Thrones and then wine and "Game of Bones".   

That's not us!  Obviously.


  1. A perfect celebration...that ladder game is interesting, have yet had the courage to mention it to Master..wishing you a wonderful year to come..hugs abby


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