Monday, July 10, 2017

Property Ownership Q/A

 These questions came from an M/s group on Fetlife, and since I've been busy today, I'm taking a blog shortcut to re-post them here.  

The questions are about slaves and how property ownership works for each individual relationship.  

1. Who owns the house or do you jointly own it?

We jointly own it. We are married and so we have jointly owned everything from the time that we married. That was the way it has been since before I became his slave.   Our anniversary is today, actually- 24 years. 

2. Who owns the contents of the house? Is your arrangement like a conventional relationship, with both of you owning all the contents, or is property divided, or entirely owned by one partner?

The things I use, like my clothes, my computer etc. are considered mine, although since he owns me he has ultimate say over everything I own as well as everything we own together.

3. As an s-type, would you consider a LONG-TERM M/s relationship where you are neither co-owner of the house, nor have any marital property rights? If so, would you contribute to the house financially? As an M-type, would you/have you ask(ed) this of your slave?

I've never considered an M/s relationship with anyone but him. My idea of being a slave means absolute subservience, so whatever the Master wants is what happens.

4. Is the s-type considered to be "property" in that the s-type is part of the contents of the Master's house or is the s-type a different type of property?

Yes, I am his property. He thinks of me as more like a pet than a thing, because I'm living and have feelings and that alone gives him more responsibility for my welfare than he would feel for a washing machine. A human property is definitely different than any other type of property, but slave=property to us.

5. If you have pets in your household, who owns the pets? Can you or your slave just go and buy a pet if you want to? Who decides where the pets sleep and where/what they eat?
I own the dogs, the cat and the sheep. He owns the fish. I can't bring home animals without permission. That was true before I was a slave too. I guess we had pretty strict rules about certain things back then too. My Master can do what ever he likes, including getting more pets. I make a lot of the decisions about the pet care, but there are certain things he doesn't want, like dogs sleeping in the bedroom. He made a brief exception for the new puppy while she was getting used to her new home, because otherwise they are lonely and bark, but I had to ask first, and then I moved her downstairs once she got used to our home and routines. Before we lived together my dogs ALWAYS slept on the bed.

6. May purchases be made for the home without the Master's consent? Such as a new sofa or a barbecue or a framed picture? If the s-type must get permission, what factors invite the Master's sanction: taste? cost?

No, most things would be too expensive to buy without asking him first. Small things like new pillows I might just buy without asking and I wouldn't be in trouble.

Edit: Did one of you arrive with more 'stuff' than the other?

When we moved in together everything we had could fit in one of those small U-Haul trailers. It was very minimal. I didn't even own a bed.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed the questions.

  2. Human beings are complex and contradictory - so do you think sometimes that there are elements of unconscious/subconscious rebelliousness in your lifestyle choice to be subservient? Are you subconsciously rebelling - at least a bit - against your parents, who presumably are feminists?

    1. That is a really interesting question I had not thought of before. I will have to give it a bit more time to roll around with my brain.


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