Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer Morning Rituals

We have rituals in the summer time that don't come up most of the rest of the year.   The making breakfast part I do all year, but in the summer Master has me come out to open the gate for him as well.  

 This is the driveway gate, and it makes it much easier for him if he can just drive on through, rather than open the gate, drive through, get out and close the gate.  

I always feel a bit like I'm standing at attention.  Well, standing at attention while puppy wrangling, because little puppy, who is four months old now, hasn't learned to stay out of the way of the car and not run down the driveway.  So I go out in my bathrobe, catch puppy and put a leash on her. Then open the gate and wait for Master to drive up.  He always has me come to his window and kiss him goodbye.  He makes me open my robe and flash my tits.  Sometimes I have to jump up and down as well.  Then he makes me open the lower side of my robe and show him my cunt.  

Then we say goodbye and he drives off.  I shut the gate, release the puppy and run back to the house before I am discovered by the mosquitoes.   It's a fun little ritual, and I get to feel useful and sexy, but one that will end when school starts.

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  1. How fun is that?! Next time, write a message on your chest in lipstick for him. LOL Spice up that morning routine. Have fun!


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