Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Caned into Oblivion

I will get back to writing about MTKF next time.   But this is clamoring to get out now and I usually listen to my clamoring writing voices.  

Last night Master decided to cane me, and I was very eager, since I was craving it bad after watching the caning demos. 

He put me face down on the bed, instead of my usual position standing and gripping the dresser.   He told me to bite the pillow if I had to, but not to make any noises. 

He began with a long warm up, and then some medium strokes, and some hard ones that made me gasp and bite my pillow.   When I was good and sore he started the ladder game.   To explain:  starting at "one" each increasing set of strikes is a rung on a ladder.   

One, two.  
One, two, three.  
One, two, three, four.  
And so on to the top of the ladder.  

 He didn't tell me how high the ladder he was climbing was going to be.    You know, of course, or I knew, from the caning class, that once you are at the top of the ladder, you have to climb back down.   I'm not a math person, but by counting on my fingers I figure that a ladder six rungs high has 42 cane strokes.

When he got to rung 9, he told me that if I could give him the best blowjob of his life, he would not go on to rung 10.  

A glimmer of hope offered?  

 I had just barely started when he pushed me back down, saying "Nope, that's not it". 

Rung 10 was extremely fast and hard, giving me no time to breathe, hyperventilating against my pillow, starting to sob.  Then he slowed it down.   Pause a minute.   I floated away into subspace.  I know he went down the ladder and delivered all the strokes, but I can't remember much of it.  I know he made me orgasm several times, after I begged him.

Then he was fucking me from behind, lasting absolutely forever, banging up against my sore butt, such an intense and pleasurably painful ride.


  1. That sounds like a kind of game i would enjoy..

    We play one with 2 dice...and 6 implements..each implement is alloted a number 1 to 6....so that is rolled first....then both dice are rolled to determine the amount of strokes...it ends ...well when it ends lol

    its nice i think sometimes just to add a bit more fun to it all


  2. That sounds like a game He would enjoy too.

  3. Nice. I love a long hard caning. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Joey, I've never had one quite that long and hard before. Caning. I'm talking caning.

    1. I have had a session with 180 strokes.

  5. Oh I wish the "caning" KOTW was still open! This would have been perfect. As it is, I LOVE the ladder game! I wanna play. W?


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