Friday, July 19, 2013

First Impression

"You should let her bite you" were practically the first words we heard about Mystique's friend, Ms. J.  

Master gave me the go ahead.  I sat on the bed and she pulled her chair up close to me.  All I could see were her eyes as she drew me in.   My heart beat faster and my eyes widened as she stroked my hair.   We were balanced in a moment.

I was soothed into tranquility as her hand found the back of my head.   With practiced grace she tightened her hand in my hair.  My breath caught as she pulled my head firmly to the side to expose my neck.  I was inflamed by unexpected desire.   She leaned in, her eyelids lowering, and took hold of the top of my shoulder with her teeth.  She bit down hard and just as I began to wince her hand tightened and gave a slight shake at the nape of my neck, refocusing my attention and taking away some of the pain.

Mystique told her I would come on command to the name of a state. 

 Ms. J began naming states seductively in my ear.  "Wyoming.  Utah.  Alaska".   Imagine a breathy phone sex voice, full of temptation, promise.

I gave her a hint, not quite daring to give it away, but wanting to hear it.

 "It is one close to us.  In the Midwest". 

"Ohio.  Indiana.  Minnesota"..................

Then, as if she had known the right one all along, her voice grew stronger, commanding, but still a whisper in my ear: 


 I bucked and rocked in ecstasy; her hand was still in my hair.  Then she repeated the whole thing on the other side, leaving two matching bitemarks on me.  

When I had recovered my senses I smiled and introduced myself to her. 

Some women know how to make a first impression.  


  1. sounds like a good time :)

    1. It sure was! She is going to be at camp next month, so we will see if there are more fun times ahead.


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