Monday, July 22, 2013


He paused on his way toward the stairs and crooked his finger at me with a significant look.  I leapt up from the table to follow him upstairs.   Once the door was locked behind us he told he wanted to see me naked before he left for work.  I dropped my robe, and he stroked and kissed me.   He told me I was beautiful, then pushed me to my knees.  

I worshiped his cock the way I worship his whole self, putting my whole body into the act.   Listening to his moans, and feeling the way his body reacted was the ultimate enticement.   

Afterward, I felt like kneeling again and kissing his foot.  The great thing is, I just went ahead and did it and not only did he accept my worship he encouraged it by placing his foot on the back of my neck and ordering me to orgasm.  One more time, after many had been allowed/demanded from me already this morning, I came.    

I absolutely revel in being his.  


  1. How awesome is that feeling?! Being owned and ordered to cum...mmm! Thanks now I need a shower! lol


    1. There is nothing like it. I am trying really hard now to write a post about yesterday, the events leading up to my feelings this morning, but it is difficult to express.

  2. Told to strip. Worship of the Master's body and told to cum. Very hot!



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