Monday, July 8, 2013


I fantasize-- a lot!   I like to think of it as having a rich inner life.   

Going on a long boring drive, what else is there that is more pleasant to think about than past scenes or imagined future scenes with my Master. 

My favorite scenes to imagine lately are, in no particular order:

1.  Being on a leash.  Master pulls my neck toward him, shortening the leash and holding me captive that way.  He does this sometimes, and it is so hot.   I think about it a lot at other times. 

2.  Being under his foot.  I imagine him stepping on the leash as I lie on the ground so I am pinned to the floor.  Sometimes he is caning me.  I struggle, but I can't escape with my neck held down that way.   Sometimes it is not the leash under his foot but parts of my body: my neck, chest, cunt - it varies.

3. Being examined, and on display.   I imagine several women, including myself, led into a room where he waits.  In turn, we are handled and examined thoroughly as he decides which he wants.  

4.  Getting pissed on.  I think the less I describe this the better, for some readers, but anyway.... Yeah.  Hot. 

5.  Being fucked from behind.  And in front, sucking cock.  At the same time.  Oh my yes.  Sometimes I imagine two men, and sometimes it is Master and Myst, her with her strap on. 

6.  Ass sex.   Hmm, it has been a while.  Although on our vacation we managed to slip off for some private time and he went half way in my butt, after caning me, but then changed his mind.   Also, this was my first time of doing ATM.   It was, well... not as bad as I was afraid.   

7.  I think back about the party last week where he had me naked, on a leash, on all fours, acting as his foot stool.   Ahhhh, this is where I belong, eh?  

8 Being whipped.   I think about this entirely too much.  How much is too much?   I don't really know, but the sound, the feel, the sting of the single tail-  I'm kind of obsessed by it. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your fantasies. Being whipped while my wrists are cuffed is a favorite of mine.


  2. I do this too a lot... #3 and #5 especially. :)

  3. Like the 'rich inner life' never thought of it that way before. I'm off to have some inner life thoughts right now, you've inspired me :)


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