Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thrill of Power

Last night was incredible.  Amazing.  Mind blowing.

However, I'm not ready to write about it yet.  I don't know if others experience this the same way, but the more intense something is, the more time I need to process before I can just sit down and write.

Instead, I will leave you with a short conversation that has deeply affected me, as in sticking in my brain and won't leave me alone.

We were having sex Sunday night, and he was alternating between my cunt and my mouth.  

He asked me "Did I ever tell you why I have you suck my cock after I fuck you every time?"

I replied "No, Master"

Him "Did you know it is because you used to hate that and refuse to taste yourself that way?"

 Actually, I did know that.  I'm not sure how I knew, it is just one of those things that one knows without hearing it said.

Me:  "Yes, Master, I know".   

Him:  "The thrill of power is why I like it."

Me:  "Yes, Master".  squish squish 

Ahhhh, that is why this act turns me on too.  The thrill of his power. 


  1. I've been lurking on your blog and just wanted to say hi. I know what you mean with your last sentence. I love to feel his power over me. :) saturn

    1. Thank you for dropping in to say hi!

  2. I experience that same thing Ms. Ksst. The more intense the interlude, the longer I need to process it. It happened to me a week and a half ago and I still haven't been able to write it down effectively.

  3. There is that magical time frame. Usually after a week I have forgotten enough details to make it a poorer story. So, somewhat more than a day, but less than a week is usually when I have to write.

  4. This used to be one of the things I refused to do! Now...well it's not really my choice! lol And that thrill of power effects both Daddy and I. Love it!



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