Monday, December 16, 2013

Well, that hurt more than I thought.

The morning started with a post-breakfast blowjob. 

After he came in my mouth, he took me upstairs, tied my wrists together and positioned me against the dresser. 

He asked me a question, which I answered wrong, but the next one I got right--

 "Whatever you want, Master". 

 The bullwhip first- now there is a warm up to get you jumping!

Then he switched to the crop, and beat my nipples and ass until I was shifting around and squeaking. 

There was a flogging, then he struck me between the legs several times with it and told me to cum.  I was dripping down both legs when he turned me to face him and as I raised my bound wrists to protect my face he noticed my arm.

He commented "I see you wrote 'peon' on your arm again."

"Yes, Master, it's a good reminder."

He said, "It is also a fortelling of what will be happening to you soon."

This made me laugh when I figured out the joke, and I kept on laughing until the flogger was stinging my aching nipples again.

He turned me back to face the dresser and whipped me with the short single tail.  I really do just love that thing. So nice and stingy!  He doesn't do it to draw blood, just to sting and leave little red lines. 

After that he laid me on the floor and worked me over with various implements.  I sucked him hard again and he had me on the bed, on top of him, with the vibrator on.

I begged to come.  "Master, can I come now?"  

"Did I tell you to?"

"No, Master".

"Well then, you can wait, slut". 

Oh.  I might have moaned a bit, but I waited.

He covered my mouth and nose with his hand, and held off my breathing as I rocked slowly.  At first it was easy.  Then I started thinking that he was going to let me breath any second, if I could just remain. calm. any. second. I. could. breathe.... no he's not letting go, I could feel my head expanding, and shaking my head to try to get away, but he held on those final seconds while I began to panic.  As he released he told me to cum, and I did with a cry and gasping breaths.

I came over and over, harder and more explosively than I had for a long time, as he kept commanding me to come again.  As soon as one ended another started.

Finally he had me suck him again, all slick and slippery with my copious amounts of squirting, then he rolled me over and fucked me from behind.

As we snuggled under the blankets he asked me if I had been in subspace.

Rather foolishly, I answered "No, you didn't beat me hard enough."  I went on a bit in that vein, then we lay there for another long time before he said it was time to get up.  I sat up.   That was when I felt every part of my backside, and other parts, complaining about being sat on or moved around and realized that if I was just now figuring out that I had been in pain, hmmm, what would explain that?   Oh yeah, probably those endorphin thingies!  

Just goes to show, you can't always tell a subspace when you are in the middle of it!

I made us some lunch, built a fire, and had to pick up the yard where the dogs had found an empty sack and torn it to shreds (a sack that I meant to take to the garbage and forgot about- DOH!).

It was freezing cold kneeling in the shower in front of him, receiving my "pe-on" (at least that part was warm) and then washing his whole body.  I thanked him for allowing me to do that, and meant it, for all the discomforts, because it puts me in my place far below him, and I appreciate that.   Plus the hot water felt simply amazing when he was done and had stepped out of the shower, leaving me to it. 


  1. Thanks for sharing a very hot account of a very erotic morning.


  2. And thank you for reading joey! I'm still pretty sore today...

  3. Sounds like it was a great morning! I hope I have one of those soon.


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