Sunday, December 22, 2013


Yesterday was the longest night of the year, traditionally celebrated with fire to encourage the sun to come back up in the morning. And it worked!  The sun is definitely up this morning, though it is hard to see through all the clouds and snow. 

  Back when I was growing up, everyone in the neighborhood would buy white paper bags, sand and candles and line their sidewalks with them for that one night of the winter solstice.  We'd all walk around and enjoy the sight.    It looked a lot like this:


We don't do that anymore, but last night Master invited a group of friends over (all from the kink community) and we had a big bonfire, starting at sundown (4:21).   Thanks to one of our friends, there were fireworks, and sparklers for the kids.   There was lots of food and hot cocoa, and just a really fun time.  I made a kringler, a traditional Swedish pastry.   After dinner we sat inside and chatted around the wood stove.   I sat at Master's feet and just basked.  

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