Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorites of the Year 2013

I thought this would be an easy blog post, but HA!

Lil at Submissive Sanctuary wrote out her favorite blog entries of the year, and I thought I could quickly do the same.

However, since I have a memory like a very holey thing that is full of holes, finding my favorite posts involves going back through the whole year of each blog and at least skimming them to find the best ones.  Then try to pick a favorite from those!  

 So, this is going to be a much shorter list.

From Kaya at Under His Hand, it had to be Keep Calm and Take A Shower.   Not only was it incredibly hot and sexy writing, but after my Master read it, he decided that our shower time would be much more pleasant for him if he did it just like Scott.    So, for influential blog writing, kudos to Kaya and I may forgive you some day.   

By Lil at Submissive Sanctuary:
Delicious Torment 
This is just far too hot to be missed.  I love all the elements at play here, with loss of control of one's own body being the most powerful. 

From Master's piece at Down the rabbit hole -- "More Notes from the edge", because "clean hair" really should be a safeword in any rational world. 

This choice is actually a pair of entries, 4 months apart.  This one should be read first--  His Good Girl: Someone Elses Knees.

And then read His kitty, a ball of yard, and me.

Just go read it, that's all.   

And now it is time to get back to work!  I have a long list of things to complete before Master gets home, including making Hoppin John for New Year's, and it is already 7:30.  
Yes, I was up at the buttcrack of dawn this morning.   


  1. Happy New year 2014 to you and your Master. May it be a 'spanking good year' for both of you. I love your spanking blog column. Please continue same. Spanks and Thanks.

  2. Great idea :) Hope you have a wonderful new year ava x

  3. Thank you! I hope your new year is great, too!

  4. Goodness your memory might be bad, but it is a thousand times better than one's own :D


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