Sunday, December 1, 2013


Late at night, walking through the dining room in a bit of a sleepy haze, vaguely complaining of my stomach ache, I walked past Master.  He picked up a piece of wood from the table- it was something he'd been using earlier in the day to repair a door- about 3 feet long and shaped like a corner.    

He had that look in his eyes.  You know the one that just freezes one in place.  I stopped walking.   He brandished the wood.  I turned around and hiked up my skirt, ever the obliging hole.  :)     He ordered me to rotate to just the right angle and:

Whack!  Whack! Whack!  

Hard.  In the same spot.  

He gave me just a little soreness, then sent me upstairs to wait for him.

When he came in I was prostrate on the floor.  He immediately went behind me and stuck his hand between my legs.

"You're getting wet with just the anticipation, aren't you, slave?"

"Yes, Master."

He had me lie face down on the floor and then he caned me.

"Roll over".

I rolled over, parting my robe with my hands at the same time.  Then I couldn't figure out what to do with my hands.   They seemed to flap about with minds of their own.  When he struck my breasts the hands made their way down between my legs.   When he told me to move them ("Get your hands out of your cunt!") so he could hit me there too, they covered my chest.  My legs also trembled and tried to snap shut with each cane strike between them.   

He ordered me to put my hands over my head, and I did with much relief toward keeping the things under control.   Then he used one knee and his free hand to hold my thighs apart.  The blows on my pussy were no where near full strength, and not unbearable, but still painful as they went on and on.   

He played with my mind by doing full strength swings at floor, just inches from my head.  I could hear the swish coming but not see because my eyes were tightly clenched.  Each time I heard that powerful swish I thought it was coming down on me.  

When he laid down the cane and fucked me I was half in and half out of subspace, I believe.  Sometimes it is hard to tell.   I just know it was wonderful! 

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