Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I am not a mean person.  Really, I'm not.  But for some reason Fetlife brings out the snarky side of me.  Perhaps because there are so many clueless people out there who insist they are right despite all common sense.   Some of my best online friends are the snarkiest bitches around.  I LOVE watching them shred some puffed up dude or woman.   Perhaps that does make me a mean person.   Anyway, I was having entirely too much fun making little snarky comments and joining in the shredding.  

Master decided he didn't like the direction I was going.  He told me if I don't have anything nice to say I should say nothing at all.  Be nice.  Help people who ask for help.   

Every time I write a post on FL now I'm reading it over three times or more to make sure I have de-snarked it.  I find myself writing many posts and simply deleting them.   Saying nothing.   Master is getting into my head in an entirely new way the past couple of days.   I'm committed to his desired result of becoming a nicer person, but like quitting any habit, the bumps along the way are sometimes painful as I stifle my snark-filled fingers.   

He has allowed me the outlet of a little bit of private message snarking with my friends, or while talking to him, but I'm to limit that as well.   



  1. Yeah, I hear you. My problem is not that I snark so much that I get overly emotional and write angry, snappy things, goading an argument, and then getting super-upset in the quiet of my own home, fretting over possible responses.

    Mistress doesn't care what I say to people on Fetlife, but she does care a lot when I'm upset and fretting. So I'm not allowed to do that. If I happen to write something that makes me agitated, I'm not allowed to keep posting to that thread. I've been doing that a few times the last days, and it coincides with upsetting things at the home-front, sickness and other icky things.

    When I'm low, I have less patience and write all those things I usually just thinks about. And it does not make things better or make me feel better about myself. But I do love the snark-fests of others. I just shouldn't be positioning myself to be the target...

  2. He also sees a difference between snarking at a clueless new person (very bad for me if I were to do that) or snarking at some know-it-all who is just spouting off nonsense (less bad, but still not allowed now, except he made an exception for one certain person- and you should have heard the words Master said against that guy last night!! Very funny!).


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