Friday, December 6, 2013

KOTW: Leather

Quotes are from Kinky and Poly: 

Ahhh, the smell of leather.  The feel of it. The sound of it.  Yep, I love it.  Here’s my secret though: all those things don’t make me think about BDSM. To me, leather is about saddles, and horses, and my teenage years – definitely not kinky thoughts!
What do you think about leather, in terms of kink and the enduring symbol of kink that it has become? How did leather become such a ubiquitous symbol of BDSM? 

I have no idea from where the symbolism of leather came.  I do know that I had a leather obsession well before I knew what a kink, a fetish, or BDSM even was.  Like Jade, I can remember walking into saddle/boot shops and walking around sniffing the air.  It just smelled GOOD!  Like baking bread, or rain on the dust, smells good.  It wasn't sexy at first, just sensually pleasant.  Sometime in my mid to early 20s I developed more of a fetish relationship with leather.  My Master had a couple of items that he used on me, and it was the scent and the feel that really turned me on.  One of them was a set of wrist restraints that he had made simply out of one wide strip of leather.  They are far from inescapable, but the idea of being bound was the main thing, as well as the leather.

Do you think it’s overdone, a cliche?

No.  I don't see how there could be too much leather.  :)  Besides, we are helping to support farmers and ranchers, right?  
Do you wear, play with or use leather in your kink?

Yes.  If I had a choice I would always chose a leather item over a similarly shaped vinyl, latex or plastic item for play.  I just like the feel and the smell so much more.   Master will often drape his floggers over my face, head and shoulders before, after, or during a flogging because he knows it turns me on. 
Is there something inherently kinky about leather?

I don't think it is inherently kinky, but for some of us it is inherently sensual.   

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, do you object to implements and kink accessories made of leather?

Hahaha!  I'm the opposite of that.  Heck, we raise lamb and eat our own homegrown meat.   Support your local family farms!

Does leather have any special significance to you? Do you like it, the way it smells or feels or looks?

Yes, all of that.   I would have a lot more leather around me if I could afford leather couches and leather car seats.  I'm particularly lusting after one of those Australian kangaroo leather bullwhips.  
Would you like to share a special memory or fantasy having to do with leather, or a sexy picture? 

Down on my hands and knees, ass raised to receive his cropping, I feel the stinging welts from the beating.  I hear the jangle of his belt buckle behind me as he retrieves it.   I expect to feel the belt strike me, but instead Master is kneeling behind me.  He wraps the belt around my neck.  The leather of his belt slides over the leather of my collar, and feeling my neck constricted, oh holy hell, that is hot.  I stretch back against him, rubbing on him, wanting it.   His cock rubs against my slit, wetting that hole, then he thrusts into me, just keeping a steady pressure on my neck but not actually strangling me as he fucks me slowly at first, slow, hard, and deep in my willing cunt.  

He slides the belt upward then, gagging me with it, holding the ends like reins as he rides me.  He can pull harder now without risking my neck, and he pulls back until the corners of my mouth ache.  I bite down on the belt to protect my mouth, I pull against him and we feel like a connected thing, one solid thing melded into pure pleasure.  He commands me to come and the force of my orgasm buckles my elbows.   My head lowers to the ground, but he pulls me back up again by the belt/reins.   

Then abruptly he drops the belt and shoves my knees out from under me, forcing me flat on the floor.  This is his favorite position to come in, and he quickly rockets into the backstretch. I'm lost in the wild pleasure.  I can no longer speak or think, only grunt and moan.   I'll probably have carpet burn on my face that will be noticed later, but right now I only think of our pleasure.  

Yeah, that is for sure one of my favorite "leather" memories.  


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  1. Ahhh the sound of the belt sliding out of belt loops! Delicious anxiety and tingly anticipation all in one.

    I agree about the smell of leather evoking a completely different reaction in me now than when I was's a trigger for sure.


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