Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ummm, ok. Me. A stripper?

Last night Master sent me upstairs to do something during the party, saying he wanted to talk to a friend.  I figured they'd be talking home repairs, but when I came back down the discussion was on lending me out to do some sort of stripper act, and maybe acts beyond stripping, for this friend.   He was talking about bringing dollar bills and asked me what I would do for a dollar.   I smiled and shrugged, looked at Master questioningly, and Master said "You'd be surprised what she would do".

   It was fairly embarrassing, which I think was his main goal, but I'm a little afraid Master was serious, especially if he could find a few more men to do this with us, perhaps at a big event.  Stage fright anyone?   

I'm not sure how I feel about all this.  On one hand, the IDEA is hot, but on the other, about actually doing it? I feel like I might be really awkward.   But whatever Master arranges/decides, that is what I'll do,  awkward and embarrassing or not.  Either way, the idea of being forced into stuff I don't really want to do is what really gets me.  



  1. Hi, it's me, Michael from Hamburg ! You've to do, what you've to do, but it's ambivalent. You've to decide ( yes you, who else ?) , if your relationship is privat or not. If it is, he's not allowd to order this, but if you think he is right to command you that, then you are a slave and a whore ! And 2nd, can you trust this other man you should serve not freely to talk to everyone in your community about what has happened ? Your secret and I think it is one would then be public and I do not believe you would like this !

    So, don't do it, even if command to ! It's time, to say No !

    yours ...

  2. Sorry, Michael, but he is absolutely allowed to order me to do this, whether I want it or not. That is the meaning of Master/slave to us. Maybe not to you, or to everyone, but to us it is about him having total authority. I am his slave, and if he wants, also his whore.

    I am required to give him my opinions and feelings, but that doesn't mean I get to say No if he says "Do it anyway".

    It's not like I have the youth or body to be a "real" stripper, but putting on a show for friends, that I already know think I'm attractive, that is within the realm of possibility.

    It's not like it would even be the first time they saw me naked, and that is no secret within in our kink community. We are frequently at play parties with these people. For sure, we would not go outside the kink community- too much risk there.


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