Saturday, December 28, 2013


Master beckoned me to follow him upstairs, and as soon as I'd dropped my robe he took the sash and tied my wrists in front of me.   He pushed me to my knees, took a cane and began beating my ass as I sucked his cock.    He was striking hard enough to make me gasp and pull off, then he'd chastise me for stopping.  It was painful and wonderful and amazing.    

 I can't figure out how the cane left big welts on one side but it is the other side that hurt more while I was getting it.  I'm sure I haven't switched butt sides somehow.

While he fucked me I told him a naughty story involving... well, several people and a midnight ambush orgy.

I think he wants to beat me again tonight.  Hopefully.   This is not something the slave gets to know ahead of time, however. 


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