Monday, December 30, 2013

Caning and Whipping, and some other things

Saturday night was for beatings.

First the short whip, as I stood braced against the dresser.  Then he had me turn around and whipped my front.  He left some marks on the front of my thighs.  But the nipples hurt the most even without being marked.   My legs trembled when he ordered me to spread.   

The whip fell just above and on my cunt several times before he ordered me to come and stepped forward to catch me.   He laid me down on the floor and tied my wrists and ankles before caning my backside for a long, long time.  It started slow and built up until I was completely in sub space and not even knowing how hard the strikes were anymore.   

He untied me and helped me to bed.  

Sunday started with me making waffles and bacon for breakfast.  I didn't eat any of the waffles- that was purely for Master, since I'm trying to reduce the carbs.   I'm a bacon slut though.  

Later on during the day he took me upstairs and used me to get off in quickly.  As he hopped up, I asked if I could use the vibrator to get off also, and he said yes, as long as I waited for him to leave first.  I don't really pretend to understand this, but I did what he said.  

This morning I was all set to get up and have some coffee when he began cuddling up to me.  I asked if I could get up.  He said yes, but then wrapped his arm over me to keep me in place.   After a bit he said I could get up to use the bathroom, but I had to be back in five minutes. Then he grabbed me by the throat and told me we'd be having some nice tender vanilla sex.    He squeezed a bit and then shifted his grip to my jaw.   Somehow I didn't quite believe him.  And I'm not that into nice tender vanilla sex anyway.     

It didn't take me that long to run and go pee.  I hurried back, and I resisted the urge to also start some coffee brewing as long as I was downstairs. 

And no, it was not nice tender vanilla sex.   It was WAY better than that.  :)

Happy Monday! 

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  1. I like the idea that your master, canes and whips you on your bare bottom. You describe his procedure well, when he carries out this sexually and erotic task, upon you.


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