Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve Miracle

My minor miracle was coming to bed late, thinking that when I saw Master already asleep in bed that I was too late for any recreational activities, and so turning off the lights and lying there in the dark wondering why I had take so long downstairs and cursing myself.  

 Then I felt him staring at me in the dark.  

You know how you can feel them just waiting and watching?  It is almost creepy.

I asked him "Is it too late?" 

"Too late for what?" he said.

"You know, sex."  

"No." he said.

A few heartbeats of silent stillness and then he demanded "Aren't you going to turn on the lights?"

It was rough and rapey-ish, then there was some giggling, and he made a grand finish with a hard caning.  

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