Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Blank

I feel like my mind is a blank today.  Like I have been placed "on hold" for two days until Master gets home.  I have a giant inertia sitting on my head.

I was supposed to meet Mystique at the gym today to work out, as we did yesterday and the day before, but it was snowing hard and I cancelled due to the roads probably being bad.

Instead, I did 40 minutes of yoga in the kitchen, which was good and relaxing, but hasn't done anything to improve the blankness in my mind. 

Because the cost of propane has gone up outrageously, Master borrowed a space heater and ordered me to turn down the heat in the house.  So the kitchen where I am with the heater is semi-warm and the rest of the house is freezing. 

I did some cleaning and some laundry, but overall just feeling very blank and uninterested in life. 

Both the house showings we had this week went badly-  they hated our house.   Which on one hand is good because I don't want to sell the house and move, but on the other, I take it personally- "You hate my house, I hate you."  Ok, I admit it is old and has problems, but that is its charm.   Some people wouldn't know character if it bit them on the butt. 


  1. ((((HUGS)))) can it be the subdrop after the intense time you had with him and now he's away for a couple of days?
    Hope you feel better soon xx

    1. I don't usually get it so many days after (usually the next day- but not this time). Still, that could be part of it.

  2. Just try to distract yourself as best you can, i know its easier said than done, my Master used to (not as much now) would be abroad working for weeks at a time, and i would feel so lost, and it sort of hightlighted the dependency i have on you find that?


    1. Yes, for sure. Without him I have sort of an aimless feeling. I'm going to write another blog here in a minute about it.


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