Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well GOOD morning, Master!

I woke up this morning and lay quietly until Master woke.  He used the bathroom, then asked me if I had to go.  

"No, I don't need to," I said.   

"You should go anyway".  Well, ok then.

I made my way to the bathroom and back, grinning because I thought I knew what he wanted. 

"Get me some clothespins, slave".

Ok...this is different.   I found the bag with the clothespins and brought a few to him.

He had me kneel on the bed next to him.  He was still lying down.  He placed four clothespins on my pussy lips.   He played with them.  It didn't hurt much.  Just enough really.  

I sucked on his cock for a while as he continued to play with the clothespins, flicking them this way and that, pulling and tugging them.   The pain was slowly building. 

Then he told me to lie on my back.   I did this, ever so carefully and gingerly, then he pulled my legs down hard toward the foot of the bed.   I thought he was going to take off the clothespins now but he just thrust in and fucked me anyway with them still attached.   Oh. My. God.   The pain was delicious.  Then he took them off, one by one, telling me to "CUM" each time, and I exploded as the pain rushed in even more. 

There was some breath play
 ("Do you like to breathe, slave? ... Too bad") 
 and more fucking, and orgasms.  Then when he was all done he spanked me with the little wood paddle.  

I love it when we're all cuddled up and he says "You know what I want now, slave"?

"No, Master"

"Scones, bitch".
I made lemon cinnamon scones for breakfast.  


  1. Oh holy hell, that's the way to wake up!!!

    So, you going to share your recipe for scones?? Pretty Please??!!


    1. I will share the recipe in a blog coming soon.


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