Sunday, February 16, 2014

It is useless to be a resistor

The dry winter air in the house gives us static shocks practically every time we touch.   Master has been taking great delight in working up some extra static and then zapping me with his finger.  On my nose. On my lips.  On my nipple.  

He was about to get dressed this morning when I came up to the bedroom.  He got that wicked glint again and started rubbing rapidly up and down on my arms, which were covered by fuzzy bathrobe.   Then he said "Suck", so I knelt and as I touched his cock with my lips it gave both of us a hefty jolt.   He laughed.   

"Didn't that get you too?"  I asked. 

"Yeah, but it was worth it". 

Seriously.   If anyone had told me this was what slaving was about...


  1. In that handbook of theirs is engraved thou shalt remain in touch with your inner child. The mean, spiteful, petty inner child seems to be the one they reach for most often :(

    1. I just realized I could win some seriously bigtime slavey points by buying him one of those electric flyswatters... not sure the points are worth it though.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OK, now one must go look up electric flyswatters. Damn!


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