Friday, February 7, 2014

Reflection of Him?

 With his permission, of course, sharing our conversation, that I had while messaging with him today:  

Me:  Do you think my behavior is a reflection of you?

Master:  I mold your behavior, and shape it to my will, so in a sense, yes it is. I make you what I want, so yes, but that does not make you just a reflection or a poor image. You can't shape a pug to be a border collie.

Me:  With all this round and round (on Fetlife) I got all mixed up from where I started, and wasn't sure what you thought about it.

Master:   You are already what I wanted, and I only make minor changes. I don't change who you are, but only minor facets of you. I have never made you do something absolutely against your principles or beliefs, to my knowledge.

Me:   So, up to a point, yes, but not in every particular?

Master:   Exactly. Little things. Tweaks.
But if you weren't who you already were, I wouldn't have found you interesting and attractive. I don't want to remake you.
Just make minor adjustments.

Me:    If I started going around in pubic calling people names (who didn't deserve it) you'd rein me in. But that is not really me, anyway, it is hard to imagine. But say I got drunk and started picking up random cups and drinking them, you'd drag me away from it.
Maybe next time not let me get so drunk.

Master:   I have, in fact, done both in the past.

Me:   Because I didn't behave.

Master:    Yes, exactly. But if you got tipsy at a munch, stripped and danced naked, I might let that pass.

Me:   You'd be egging me on!

Master:   I thought you were getting a little too obnoxious in some of your postings on FL, and I found that unattractive, so I limit your snarkiness. I don't want to eliminate it, just limit it to real idiots. Plus, you were agonizing about it too much.
Before, during, and after. So I stepped in. Not everything has to be a fight or a debate. Sometimes the best answer is to ignore.

Me:   True. Sometimes I need to step away and take some calming breaths

Master:  The Japanese have a word for this.

Me: What is it? 

Master:   Mokusatsu

then of course I had to go look that up myself.  


  1. What a fabulous glimpse into you both. Thank you both for sharing!

    Of course, I went and looked Mokasatsu up as well. How did he know that?

    You two are fabulous!


    1. He's smart! Seriously, he reads all the time and he hardly ever forgets anything he reads. Even poems he read decades ago he can bring back out of memory.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Agree with fiona.


  3. I can certainly appreciate your Master's point of view on this issue. We have had similar conversations and I really find its just easier to limit my FL activity. I too was getting caught up. I still do alot of reading but not much commenting. Thanks for sharing. I really liked this post!


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