Monday, February 10, 2014

New way to eat breakfast

All told, today was fan-fucking-tastic.    He gave me a heavy dose of humiliation (for me, anyway, it was heavy), which I get off on, even if I don't always love it in the moment.   

It started out yesterday when he told me to wash out one of the dog bowls for my breakfast today.   I washed it three times, sniffing it to make sure all the doggy odor was gone, then washed it again and set it in the drainer.    He had mentioned once that he might add a little something "extra" to the food.  Or it might have dog kibble in it.  

 The whole idea was making me nervous, excited and tingly.   I half hoped he'd forget all about it, but on the other hand I knew if he did I'd be all disappointed.   If I could just have one emotion at a time, please!

Every time I walked by the sink all day long, all I could see was that bowl sitting there.  I would kind of peep at it out of the corner of my eye and my tummy would do a little flip.  

Later that night I told Master that it was making me tingly thinking about what he was planning to do to me.   

"Yeah, that is because you are a freak."  he said casually, and gestured at me.  A simple gesture. Trained. Ingrained.  Representing choking me.  And I came, squirted right through my pants.  

"Now I'm going to have to go change!!" I complained.

"Yeah." he said, grinning broadly at me.

Then I got my flirty face on.  Wiggling eyebrows.

 "Want to come help me change, Master?"



And, No, he did not forget.  As soon as we were alone this morning he snapped a leash to my collar and flipped my breakfast into the dog bowl.     He sat down at the kitchen table, starting to eat the breakfast burrito I had made for him.  He pointed to the dish at his feet. 

I knelt.

It wasn't all that easy at all to reach my mouth to the bottom of the bowl and get anything in it.  It took me a long time to get any food in me, and when I wasn't eating fast enough he'd shove my head further down into the bowl.   I was about half done when he knelt behind me and began fucking me (doggie style, eh!).   I stopped eating to concentrate on that, but he pushed my head down again and said "You can eat and fuck at the same time".   The food didn't really taste of anything but humiliation now.    

And that was just the warm up.  The humiliation that made me cry was for later.    I probably won't say anything more about that, so I'll leave it to your imaginings.

Oh, and fish tank magnets were the fun discovery of the day.  They make interesting nipple clamps.  It didn't hurt too much until he told me I had to shimmy them enough to make them fall off.  Let me just say- Ow. 

Like I said, fan-fucking-tastic day!   There was a lot more, but it is my bed time now. 


  1. I can't believe you just left us hanging! So glad you had a great day! Though I really fucking hate that I love humiliation!


    1. I've come to terms with the fact that I just love it because I'm a freak! Let the freak flag fly, right? And he loves it, why? I guess he is too.

  2. oh my! *fans self*

    ' If I could just have one emotion at a time, please!'
    lol, this made me chuckle - it's the cocktails (of mixed emotions) that really throw one for a loop isn't it!

    I have to admit, I am also agog wondering what the later humiliation was.. I would probably be too scared to read it though!


    1. I don't know if other bloggers experience this, but I was telling Master last night that there are some things that are just too too personal. I just want them to remain buried in our minds and not share. And he is fine with me leaving them out. So, that is why the tease. I'll just say that it was all verbal, nothing he's ever made me do has equaled how well he can find the tender spots in my mind.

  3. What a tease. You should get spanked for that. ;)

    1. I know! I should never be able to sit down at all after all my hijinks.

  4. Oh holy hell ksst! That was…..INTENSE to read. I think MY pussy clenched when I read that he clicked the leash to your collar with the intent to have you eat out of his bowl…LET ALONE when he fucked you and pushed your face down into the bowl. OH MY GAWD!!!! Wow!

    And yes, I can so understand the whole, personal. There are just some things that you don't share. That are special and need no elaboration. Enjoy and hold close!



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