Friday, February 21, 2014

A Catch Up Blog

Nothing at all interesting going on here!

Actually a lot of things have happened this week, I just haven't felt like posting about it.  Here is a quick recap:

Monday we had a terrible day.  We were both grumpy, at least up until we went to parent/teacher conferences.  Then it seemed like we were back to normal.   You can read it here- Monday

Tuesday Master's car hit a slick spot and he went off the road (again!).  It was a little dented but he's ok.  He had to get towed out.  He didn't come home again though, because the weather reports were so bad, so I haven't seen him.  Every time he drives I get scared for him.  

Our first lambs were born on Wednesday, triplets.  I gave them a bottle of colostrum, just as a booster.

Wednesday night Master and I talked some on the computer.  We wrote haikus together.   It was fun, though I miss him terribly. 
This is one of them:

Shivering, standing
She's bound with leash and collar
Yellow snow, cold slave

Thursday the ice dams on the roof were getting out of control, and it was going to rain, so when I talked to Master he said I should get up on the ladder and break the dams with a hammer.  Watching out not to damage the shingles.   So I dragged the heavy ladder over there, and beat on the ice for about an hour, making some headway.  My arms were wet noodles and I was soaked with dampness from the outside and the sweat.  

I had a bit of a coffee break and then went back to work.   

Another half hour with the hammer, and some hot water to melt the last bits, and finally done.  There was still hay to move and lambs to take care of.   

Tonight he gets home again, and then the weekend!   We may go out Saturday night with some friends.  That is his plan, anyway, but between weather and kids and babysitters who knows.  Crossing my fingers!


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