Saturday, February 8, 2014

Slave Revolt

Last night I tied Master up.

What, what?  

It wasn't actually a revolt, in fact he ordered me to do it.   And because he knew I would find it weird and upside down and backwards, after he told me what he wanted me to do, he said I was to think of myself as no more than a toy that he could use for his pleasure, only tonight his pleasure would be to be tied up and teased, to put off his orgasm as long as possible.   He'd already had me sucking his cock for a long time, and fucking me just a little bit bent over the table, and had paddled me with the cutting board, so he was really close to coming anyway.  It might be hard for me to tease him without making him come. 

I was really getting into the preparations.  While he was in the bathroom I laid out a towel, a tie down strap, a blindfold and my vibrator.   No canes!  No paddles!

When he came back I was prostrate on the floor as usual.   He ordered me to strip, then he caned me. He pushed me to my knees, where I sucked him as he caned me in a particularly painful way.  

Then he said "Ok, I want you to tease me and make it last, as much as you can."  He didn't exactly say I could do whatever I wanted but what the heck, he'd be tied up.  

How bad could the revenge be?  

Once he was tied and blindfolded I began by sucking his cock, then taking it into my cunt.   Each time he got close to coming I'd back off and tease him by rubbing him with my breasts, or sitting on his chest and giving myself an orgasm with the vibrator.  Or sitting on his face.   When he asked if I were coming without permission I simply laughed "Yes, Master" and then bit him, which he hates.   I'm not allowed to bite.   Heh.  But he was tied up. 

Then he started "ordering" me to untie him, and I laughed some more and bit his inner thighs.   Those didn't sound like real orders to me.   He said he was going to get loose and really beat me up for being such a rebellious slave.   Then I bit him again.    

Oh, such a wicked thing I am.

I rode him until he just couldn't take it anymore, then he ordered me to untie him for real.  There was no doubt about that being a real order, and he shoved my mouth over his cock and came hugely down my throat. 

He then grabbed a paddle from the nightstand and told me to roll over.  He used it (HARD) on me until all the rebellious feelings had completely vanished and I was once again his pliable servant.   

This was my reward for pleasing him.  


  1. Well done. I am sure you had him squirming.


  2. I had never thought of turning the tables. This does sound so wickedly delicious though ;)


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