Saturday, February 1, 2014

All Right Again

Master has taken every opportunity (such as we have had, between him being gone for work and then having kids to catch up with when gets home- you know they miss him possibly as much as I do) to talk to me about Monday night and to emphasize that I'm his.  I'm his property, to use and to own as he wishes.   He makes sure that I know I did nothing to disappoint him at all, that he was not only satisfied with my submission, but that my little bit of resistance and giving in to him despite that reluctance made it all the more exciting and hot for him.    Not that I should make resisting him a regular habit!  But I should know that my wants don't play a role in what he wants to do with me, and he WILL have me, resisting or not.

I feel utterly owned, submitted, surrendered, helpless before him, possibly even more than I did before, which I didn't think was possible.   

Coming so far, yet having so far to go still.


Today is our local munch day, and Master and I are temporarily in charge of it, (for the first time ever!) while Myst is off to a big event.   I'm excited to go and see people, but not so much to be in charge of anything.  I think Master will do that, though I have been doing some of the organizing.  



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