Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day with Master

He got home early and unexpectedly yesterday.  I was just going down the driveway to get the mail and bring back the garbage can when his car pulled in.   He wasn't feeling good so they sent him home.

  First thing, I just had to give him the Valentine's present that I bought for him so long ago I couldn't even remember where I hid it.   As I searched for it he tried to guess what it was going to be.  

Then from the bottom of my dresser I pulled out this:  

Technically it is a

But he got an immediate wicked gleam in his eye.  

I could tell my present was a success.    

He tried out a few experimental whacks on my butt, then I lowered my skirt, and assorted other layers, to try it on bare skin.   

A few more whacks, then he told me he needed some tea and toast and was going to lie down for a bit.  After getting those things, I sat at his feet and played on the computer while he rested on the couch.  

So that was what I figured would be pretty much our Valentine evening.  For a while we cuddled in bed, but only cuddled.  Perhaps we napped some too.

Later on, after watching a few episodes of Mad Men, and it being very late at night, he said he wanted to give me a spanking but there would be no sex.  I waited in the bedroom until he came in.  

He gave me a few swats with the strigil as I crouched on the floor, then he told me to stand and strip.   And spread my legs.  More swatting of breasts and thighs and cunt.  

He had me lie down and gave me a thorough and hard work over with the implement, until I was quietly (and delicately, no snotting at all, really... and if you believe that....) sobbing to myself. 

Then he was on top of me, behind me, fucking me.   He rolled me over onto my back, pinned one of my hands and slapped me, called me horrible things, made me come, slapping my face again.    

He said it was just so hot beating me he couldn't resist, even not feeling so well.  

Happy Fucking Valentines to me after all :).   


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  1. awww, what a lovely treat to have him home early!
    Glad you had a happy day :D


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