Thursday, August 21, 2014


Is it only in my Master's dictionary that "aftercare" means having a bucket of ice cold water dumped over your back while bracing hands on a picnic table, then having the owie places scrubbed with soap?   Then a few more buckets of cold water to rinse.  

Next time I'm resolving not to make a fuss about having to go to the showers even if I think the warm water might hurt.  It can always be worse.  

Also, did I mention that being doused with freezing cold water makes me pee?  No?  Oh good.   

This was my back on Sunday.  I had a whipping scene with Travis on Friday.  It kind of looks like fireworks to me. 


  1. Looks like fireworks to me too...i love the look...on you!
    hugs abby


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