Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fun at Tryst

I need to write about what else happened at Tryst, the fun parts, a little about the not so fun parts, but mainly the fun parts.   Otherwise I'm going to forget, and I don't want to do that. 

We arrived Wednesday, set up the campsite and then went around visiting friends and just hanging out.  I don't even remember now if we did any playing, but perhaps Master will remind me when he gets home.

Thursday morning we woke bright and early to the sounds of sex in tents around us.  Loud sex.  What could be more awesome than that?   So of course we made our own sounds.  Loud ones.  :) 

Master started a campfire and together we cooked some tasty breakfast of roast zucchini, potatoes, onions and red pepper.  I'm still limited in what I can eat (no fat) so that meant none of the normal camp fare would be for me- bacon, brats, steaks etc.  Instead we had very healthy meals all the time, with many vegetables and zucchini bread I had made, and some meals with chicken in them.  For desserts we had birthday cake that Master had made for me (a fairly low fat one).   

At 10:00 am I was scheduled for a volunteer shift, which is always a nice way to contribute to camp and meet people.   Master had picked what he wanted me to volunteer for and he was planning to help me with whatever it was we were assigned.  This turned out to be making the message board where camp denizens can leave notes for each other.   Each person got their own envelope with their name on it.  I got a message in mine later on saying "You are a wicked wicked slut".   Guess who it was from?  

It took about 2 hours to make the board, then there was a quick lunch that I made for us.  After lunch we were off to our first class, which was a three hour intensive on rough body play.

 I got punched and pinched and kicked plenty as he tried out everything, or just for fun.  I guess that is why they call it "intensive".

After a quick dinner of sandwiches it was time for opening ceremonies, the officially opening of the dungeon and the service auction.   

I had put myself in the auction with Master's permission and his help writing up what I was offering.  It's for charity, right?  Since I have no money, this is one way that I can give, by auctioning my service.

My card, written by my Master, read "Your wish is my command- use your imagination" and then listed a few limits.  Any actual sex was not allowed according to the auction rules, but Master impressed on me beforehand that I would do WHATEVER he commanded, no matter what. 

  I was nervous about who would buy me, and even more nervous that I'd stand up there on the stage, naked, exposed and not receive one bid.  Fortunately we had a prior agreement worked out with a friend that she would bid on me if no one else did, and my Master would bid on her (she is a Top, so was offering a spanking which I would receive for him if Master had the winning bid).   She was willing to go as high as $5 for me- woohoo!  

 Neither of those turned out to be necessary and we were both "bought" by other people.  The service requested was a massage, which was enjoyable all around.   

That night we went to the dungeon.   Which story will be continued next time...

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