Thursday, August 21, 2014

Next! (Tryst Adventures)

Thursday evening we ate with friends and hung out for a good time around their campfire.  It was quite peaceful except for the occasional hint of plotting that was surrounding Master and MV, who did not buy me in the auction, but to whom Master was going to give me for an hour of play.  And by play I really mean torture.   

   After a bit of roaming around to different events we ended up at the dungeon.   We hadn't brought our toy bags from the tent, but Master was up for a little scene, so he put me on the spanking bench and hand spanked and punched me in the ass a bunch.  At one point he took my boots and used them to whack me.   It's weird where my thoughts go.  I was thinking "If he breaks my boots on my ass, I wonder if he'll buy me some new, more comfy, ones?"

I was lying there on my stomach on the bench when I felt another set of hands.  Now there were two pairs of hands on me.  I couldn't see who it was, but Master had invited someone else to touch me.  

Then the other hands were gone. 

Master felt how wet I was getting and put me on my knees to suck him.  Then he fucked me there on the ground.  I tried to resist a little after asking if this was ok, and he just slapped me some more and kept fucking, calling me his cocking sucking hole, his little whore, and other such hotness.  I felt wonderfully used.  


Friday morning we were up early cook breakfast again, then off to a class at 10:00.   Master was not very excited about the topic (Authenticity, which we do not have a problem with), but I was really interested in the presenters, as they were the only M/s couple who would be there talking about this dynamic specifically.  So he humored me by going with me, and found that HE enjoyed it so much we went back for all their other lectures too, except for one that we missed.  He took away some ideas he liked (none of them painful for me!!) and has put them into practice already. 

Power and Surrender

This is the website of Master Obsidian and slave namaste.   They have an awesome energy and connection which shines out in their presentation.  It was a pleasure to get to know them a little bit.  Plus she is so darn cute I could eat her up.


After lunch Master turned me over to MV for an hour of tortures, and he left to go to a class.  A few minutes later he heard me screaming and came back.   He told me later "You know how, as a parent, if you hear your kid scream on the other side of the playground you can pick him out even among all the screams?  Well, it is the same way with slaves."    Not that he wanted to stop the screams, just to be close by me.  Isn't that sweet?  

Turns out, rubberbands really hurt.  Who'd have thought it, hey?  

And they leave marks.   There was a lot of paddling, and tears. Have I mentioned I find paddles hard to take?  Get it?  Hard! 

At one point I cursed at her and raised my fist to punch her, but thought better at the last second and didn't.  I said "yellow" three or four times to give myself a breather.  It was a hard scene.   

Master "helped".

He comes up to me after about 20 minutes? 10 minutes? I'm really not sure, and shows me his watch, but only 5 minutes have passed. He continues to do this,  saying things like "I don't know how you are going to last an entire hour", each time showing me that the hands on the watch have barely moved because he keeps setting it back. I'm crying and in despair because I know I'm never going to hold out for an entire hour of this and time is hardly passing at all, from all evidence.

Eventually they decide I've had enough and let me collapse on the ground.  I know it hasn't been an hour, but it is all done anyway.  I was floating on my happy little subspace cloud then, and being petted and told I did a good job (this was important because I did feel that I hadn't really).  

Very shortly, Master hailed a golf cart ride and we're zipping off to do a book club thing.  Book club in subspace was interesting.  I'm not sure my contributions were very good though.  

More later, friends....


  1. Wow. Very, very hot.

    I have been in a scene with a Mistress who asked others to help her torture me. It is such a turn on.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Torture? TORTURE? :) I love how he came back to look after you. If I had a boy, and gave him out, no doubt I would have done the same thing. And the watch, a great mind fuck. I could see in your eyes that you wouldn't make it. The best part of the entire scene for me? Getting to sit with you as you floated......xoxoxo

    1. xoxo I loved that part too. And the rubberbands (shhhh don't tell anyone).

  3. You said: and he just slapped me some more and kept fucking, calling me his cocking sucking hole, his little whore, and other such hotness. I felt wonderfully used.
    You are beginning to be a right slut now aren't you, and proud of it too, specially if others had seen you being fucked. Am I right slut?


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