Monday, August 25, 2014

Saturday at Tryst

I did not take notes at Tryst, so here you are getting the one week old memory version of events.  
Some things were really memorable though!

Master and I met in person a friend who had been an online friend only.
 We set up a fun bondage scene with her.  
They discussed what was going to happen while I was sent to get the rope and toy bags.  

We were both tied to a tree and then Master beat on my front side- paddles, crop, belt, misery stick, floggers and single tail.   It was very intense, coming even on top of my old bruises, and he did a lot of those head games also, which now are mostly fuzzy in my memory.  One that I remember was he stuffed some freshly cunty flavored panties (because he shoved them in my cunt first) in my mouth and then demanded that I answer questions.  Then whacked me for not speaking so he could understand.  

 Unfortunately, I started to feel a sick to my stomach, after it had gone on a long time, probably from a combination of pain and hunger, and rather than risk vomiting I asked if we could stop (this was quite a while after the panty gag had been removed).   Master immediately untied me and set me on the ground.  

After a snack I felt much better.   Skipping ahead to the evening...

Master took part in an "air tight" gang bang out in a field full of people, near the preparations of the Wishing Tree fire.   

I watched, and fetched supplies (condoms, cavicide for the mats, paper towels.)  You know, as one does.  

I waited for my turn, then he fucked me also, while the tree was burning.   It feels like a very primal thing, by fire, in the dark, surrounded by our Tribe, Master pulling my head back by the hair and ordering me to watch, to keep my eyes open and see the fire rather than close them and shut everything around us out.  It is becoming a tradition, fucking Dothraki style.  I think I can get into that kind of tradition.   

PS. I did not win the camp slut award, though I know I got at least two votes. 


  1. You need to be fucked by more than one male to be a slut, so that is why you did not win

    1. Yeah, you're right! Ha, maybe next year (Master is plotting).


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