Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting an early start to the day

 Earlier, Master used me quickly, bending me over the kitchen counter, before he left for work, leaving me drippy and horny.   

I've already been for my walk this morning, and I have zucchini bread baking and about to come out of the oven any minute.   Then I have to go to the doctor AND the dentist today, plus do shopping and errands.  I am pretty much finished packing, but a few things are left to do.   I'm paranoid that I will forget that one critical thing, but Master assures me a Walmart is nearby and he probably won't be mad at me, depending on what I forget of course.  Somehow, that doesn't reassure me all THAT much. 

Tomorrow we leave for Twisted Tryst, a great big kinky camping extravaganza, so there will be no blog while I'm gone for a bit.  Then I'm sure I will have TONS of stuff to write about.

I have signed up for a charity benefit auction at Tryst, which will allow the winning bidder to have 1-2 hours of my services as a non-sexual bottom for various and sundry activities.   The thought that the winner could be ANYONE at camp scares me, in an exciting way, but one certain friend is determined to get me even if she has to pay a whole $5 for me.   I believe she wants to shoot rubberbands at me, and who knows what else.   She's bought a big pack of them and contacted my Master to ask him to make sure I bring this:

A couple weeks ago I received this as a birthday gift from Kaya.


 You know what they say about "With friends like these..."


  1. Have knotty time and do give My wishes to kaya and Master Scott when you are there....

  2. Weeeee! I can't wait to hear the stories. Do give our hugs and kisses to those we miss! Have a great time!

    And man, that kaya is a bitch. What kind of friend... Oh, wait.


    1. Love you, friend! I sure wish you were going. I think next year you should just drive up here for August camp. So tell the man.

  3. You know we will need pics or it didn't happen :D

    1. I put some up on Fet now of the aftermath. There were also pictures taken at the camp by official photographer, but those take a few weeks to get up.


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