Sunday, August 10, 2014

Play Party

Master and I went to a play party in Madison last night.  It was a really nice location, with lots of space available, and a choice of dungeon equipment since we arrived just as they opened the doors.

It was really great to be in the middle of a great big kinky happening again.  I got tied to a cross and beaten with the misery stick, flogged, whipped, and paddled well, then he lay back on the pillows in the corner so I could suck his cock.   After that Master was going to fuck me and I struggled and told him no.  He tied my hands in front of me and slapped my face, telling me to obey and behave.  He told me I was his fucking property, his little hole and he was going to use me right there on the floor in the dungeon.   We hadn't informed the Dungeon Monitors about a "edgy" type of scene and he didn't want them feeling they needed to worry about us or butt in.   So I only struggled a little :).    I got totally fucked and he came.  

We relaxed for a while, visited and watched.  I brought him water.  Then later on he asked me if I wanted some more.  I smiled and said "Yes, Master", like the insatiable cunt I am.  He had me stand in front of him (he was seated on a step) and punched me in the arms and thighs until I was all bruised up.   He used pressure points to make me squeak, and made me come over his lap.

At one point he took out the crop and slapped my cunt over and over.  I stood in front of him and looked into his eyes.  He laid the crop on my cheeks, tapping each side of my face.    I felt at that moment an intense connection, like nothing could be more perfect in the world than to stand in front of him while he hurt me, his beloved property.

  There are some bruises there, but they feel worse than they look.   Still, I'm not wearing a sleeveless shirt today because of my upper arms.

A few whip marks from last night.


  1. You have no right to say not o sex with master. it is good that he fucked you there and then in the dungeon, and a good fucking to. Hope he has no trouble like that again, remember you are his to use as and when he says so.

  2. Of course I don't. He enjoys a little resistance now and then, though, otherwise I wouldn't do it. It is more fun for him, which I am all about providing.


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