Saturday, August 23, 2014

Friday Evening Whipping at Tryst

Friday was a great, challenging, tough, massively fun day.  After the book club, I gave a massage to the one who bought me in the service auction.  This was a relaxing time, during which Master wandered off and I'm not really sure what he was doing.

Then Master came back for me after an hour or two, and we went to one half of a foot massage class before ducking out to meet Travis for a scene that had been arranged for me by Master.   

 I'd been looking forward to this since Tryst last year when he'd whipped me just for a few minutes in a demo for his class.   I have a serious whip fetish.  I love everything about them: the sound, the look, the feel of it in my hand, even the stingy sort of pain is one of my favorites- hurts so much, but so good.   I got the feeling that he was very doubtful that I'd actually like what he was going to do.   He told me a while ago "There are two types of girls: those who love bullwhips and those who have actually had one used on them".  

I was wearing a skirt and no top.  I asked if Travis wanted me to wear the cuffs I had brought and he said no, he didn't want me restrained. I set my stuff to the side and gripped on to a beautiful wooden star outdoors under a small tent.  If you are on Fet, you may have seen this star on K&P this week.  

He started by discussing my limits with Master and what he planned to do.  Master rejected the idea of breathplay.   I guess he wants to be the only one to do that with me- he has his ways.  I stood there holding the star and said nothing.   

He started with sensually digging his fingernails into the pressure points of my nail beds. Ow. Then there was the warm up flogging, and some other stuff, and Master showed him how to make me cum with the trigger command.  The whip of course.  It started out nice and easy but gradually worked up to super ouchy.  Not so bad that I wanted to run off, though, not more than once or twice anyway.  But I didn't.  
Don't you love how they will say things like "You wanted this.  You asked for this?"  and then in my head I'm like "Yeah, but I was crazy/under the influence/befuddled/stupid etc."  But I don't really say anything except "Ow" and "Eeep" and a bunch of whimpers.

Maybe some screams, I'm not sure.   Also, I orgasmed without the command eventually.  

A lot of people came over to watch.  I could hear them commenting.  Then it was all done, and there were hugs and pets and I sat on the ground and enjoyed my endorphin haze.  There were pictures taken by the official photographer.  I'm sure I looked a mess.  There was a little blood. 
I'll just refer back to this post for what happened next: 


We ate a quick snack and rushed off to join in the camp Hunger Games.  It is time now for me to get busy, so I'll have to save that for another blog. 


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

    I give a terrific foot massage.


    1. I thought my foot massage skills were pretty good, at least Master was enjoying them on many nights, but this half a class had all new techniques, which I only learned about half of, since we had to leave.

  2. Tryst sounds like a wonderful experience. I've never experienced a bullwhip before, but I love the single tail a whole lot!

    1. A bullwhip is a single tail but not all single tails are bullwhips. I should remember the difference after going to 2 whip classes, but I forget.


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