Friday, August 22, 2014

Some New Rules

Master has imposed several new rules this week, starting during Tryst.  He has good reasons for all of them, and I thought I'd share  a little bit about them here.

The first one is not so much a rule as a new ritual.  He knows that I have a problem letting go of guilt sometimes, even over little things which in his mind don't warrant punishment.  

So every night, until he decides otherwise, we have a ritual where I tell him any area of service that I feel I did not do to the best of my ability.  This is NOT to nit pick at me; it is only for things that I actual do feel bad about. 
I could always find something to pick at if I thought long and hard enough, but that is not his goal.

Then I will tell him anything I did especially well in his service that day.  This one has been difficult, especially when the day has been particularly ordinary and routine.   If I can't think of anything, that is ok too. 

He will give me penance (a mild reminder, not meant to be unpleasant, something like kissing his feet) or punishment as appropriate.  And then he will absolve me.  Te absolvo. 

He will tell me any areas that he thought I needed to improve and also anything that he thought I did especially well for him.  

Lastly, I have to tell him if I noticed any areas in which he could improve as my Master.  Yes!  Really!  He wants to know what I think.  I know better than to come up with silly or self serving ideas, I hope.  


The second one is that I have to floss every day, which I was kind of bad about doing before and the dentist always chews me out. 


The third is I'm not allowed to say "Nothing" or "Never mind" to him after mumbling something and then being asked what I said.  Oooof, I'll have to watch this one because it is a habit, especially if what I said wasn't perhaps in my best interest, shall we say.   


He wants to focus more on healthy eating and lose some weight, so I am now required to make and serve a tasty salad as a first course every night at dinner.   

I am actually enjoying all this new focus on our relationship, and it is taking some of the sting out of "camp drop" for me.  


  1. Excellent rules and rituals.


  2. I don't know your master - but i would say he is perceptive and sensible and wise - qualities that count for an awful lot....

  3. Your Master is a smart and caring man. His new rules are all to benefit your well being. You are a lucky one!
    hugs abby

  4. I know! See, I'm not fooling when I say he's the best Master (for me) ever.


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