Friday, August 8, 2014

Things Not To Do

1.  Do not try to take revenge on your Master for peeing on your face by dropping the soap on his pinky toe.   You can claim it was an accident, but that won't help you.

2. Do not laugh at your Master when the dog is being just as obnoxious as he taught her to be.  He lets you get away with ridiculous cheek also, but there are limits. 

3. Do not laugh at your Master when he misses your butt or back with the belt or whip.  He did it on purpose just to see if you would dare to tell him he's a bad shot.  And, remember, he can hit your ears with it if he wants to.

4. Don't contradict your Master when he says you "look cute" dressed as a character from Sailor Moon.  It actually doesn't matter if you believe it or not, you're still going for a walk with him in public that way.  Without underwear of any sort.  Might as well think "cute" thoughts rather than "utterly ridiculous" ones.  

5. Don't worry if a bit of public humiliation makes your pussy sopping wet, he already knows you're a wanton pervert.


  1. LOL @ number 3. Very sound advice.

  2. Lol, I have a list like this I've made also. I may have to dig it out and share it as well!

    Love number 5! lol

    1. I found it! I linked you in my post, and thank you for inspiring me to find the old writing! :)

      Hugs! xx

  3. So funny.....I dropped the shampoo bottle on Sir's toe once. I do not like spankings when my ass is wet and I have shampoo in my hair. :)


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