Monday, August 11, 2014

Misery and Humiliation (not as bad as it sounds)

Sunday afternoon I was sitting quietly at the computer when Master came up behind me to tell me "I think you need a spanking".  

 I wasn't wearing much, but what I had on was dropped to the floor as I bent over the arm of the couch.  He picked up a plastic light saber.  

After the spanking, he rubbed me a little bit until I was all wet and desperately horny, and then told me to put on a movie. 

 I got to wear a leash during this, snubbed up tight in his hand, and watched about half of it before he told me to suck him.  I spent a long time pleasing him that way, until the movie ended and he took out the misery stick.   He sure does love that thing.  I began sobbing after a few minutes and he said he didn't want to hear it so I alternately bit my arm or stuffed my mouth with robe.  

He ordered me on my knees, and I knelt in front of him and sucked but every time the stick came down again on the same sore spot I'd get distracted and quit sucking, which led to a fresh and extra vigorous application of the stick on my ass.  

He put me on the floor and fucked me. About half way through he suddenly stood up and told me to go in the bathroom and get in the tub.  Of course I knew what was coming, but he didn't get in with me like usual.  Nor did he turn on the water.   He simply stood beside the tub and forced my head down on his cock.   After a bit he pulled out of my mouth and pissed all over me.  He called me a dirty cunt.   Then he had me suck him again, good to the last drop, heh.   He walked out and tossed off over his shoulder 

"Clean yourself up".  

The amazing thing to me was even though I get the golden shower treatment just about every week, sometimes twice, it had never been like this.   He had significantly raised the humiliation level by doing it the way he did.  I let it soak in.   The humiliation, that is.  The pee, I washed off like he told me.  

When I came back all clean he was at the computer playing a game.  He told me to go put in the butt plug, and hurry, so I trotted off upstairs to get it and put it in.  When I came back he had me lie on my back and show him the plug, then suck his cock as he played.  He asked me if it was more humiliating to do that while he played a game or while he watched porn.   I said it didn't matter either way, and the truth is, I barely registered it as humiliating at all.  It used to be.  I used to feel it so keenly that he was just allowing me to suck him while he was otherwise occupied.  That I was completely unimportant except as a hole. 

Now it is so much a part of life it is just what I do.  I don't really think about it, it is just part of being a slave.

Soon enough, he was heading off upstairs and I scrambled to follow him quickly enough.   The butt plug makes me awkward at quick movement.

He fucked me and gave me many orgasms before he finally came. 

I love my life.   


  1. I love the way you write, your joy is infectious. This post especially made me smile.


  2. You and your Master are a perfect match! I love reading about your dynamic.


  3. Do yuo like wearing the butt plug?

    1. Yes, it is really good to play with, although after a while I can get sore with it.


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