Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Good Friday Night

  He picked up a stick on his way to the bed.  I automatically pulled down my jeans. 

Teasing him a little, I said "Oh look, you have your stick out." 
And he said "And you have your butt out".
"What a coincidence, don't you think?" I laughed.

The caning was highly erotic, as I was already aroused.  He had me thank him by sucking his dick.  

After a while he asked if I wanted to be fucked.  Oh heck yes.  I begged for it.  He told me to beg some more.  I think I begged really well, very earnestly because I really, really did want it so badly.

But once he started fucking me I started struggling. This time was purely for him, because he likes my fighting and his winning.  Like there is ever any question of who will win.

Then he pulled out the leather strap and whispered in my ear,

"Do you know what bad girls who try to struggle get?" 

My eyes were wide.  I thought I might have some idea, but still I said "No, Master".

I was wrong though.  It didn't go around my ankles or wrists.

He whispered harshly "Bad girls who struggle get the dangerous stuff".   

He put the strap around my neck and pulled it tight.  I struggled more, but the strap only tightened.  He had one free hand to use for creating pain on my pressure points.   He choked me and fucked me and I came over and over.  In between orgasms he'd loosen the strap, but then he'd pull it tight again.  He's put it around my neck before, but never like this, never so tight or relentless.   I loved it.  It was amazing and hot.  

Then he had me get on top and tell him something really good in the way of fantasy.

I actually had one all ready, a fantasy that I masturbated with.   It had multiple slaves, and strap-ons, and me, and Master, and forced ass sex.   Master came,  then he kept on fucking me for a long time, and then he came again, which is pretty darn unusual.    He was extremely happy with his two orgasms, and I refrained from mentioning how many I had (lots).  Thank you, Master. 



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