Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yes, Master

So yesterday Master told the people at his work that I call him Master.  

This is what he said to them, while they were eating the cookies he brought in, that he had ordered me to make, 

 "I told her 'Make cookies for the people at work' and she said 'Yes, Master'. "


Luckily they think he's just kidding around.  


  1. That's great! Honestly mouse has never asked him if he made jokes like that.

    Yanno, dropped a playful hint that could never be taken


  2. My Mistress will make similar comments in a "joking" manner as well in our inner circle of friends. Somehow though, I believe they understand a little that it is true.

  3. I wonder if any of his co-workers have a similar lifestyle but don't want to admit it.


  4. People believe what they want. If kink is not on their radar, they'll pass it off. If it is, then they'll see a grain of truth!


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