Sunday, December 28, 2014

Spooning, paddle and belt oh boy!

Master said to meet him upstairs.  He had me lie on my back and spread my legs.  

This is a fun game we call counting down from ten, he explained. 

On zero I will get hit.  

He said I had to count with him.  

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Whap! with the wooden spoon on my inner thigh.   The next few times he also hit me on zero.  Then he hit me on 5.  Then on 10.  Then on all the numbers in rapid fire fashion. 
I was still trying to keep up with the counting, and if I missed some or faded out he'd start over.   About this point I was getting too squirmy so he tied my hands to the headboard and tied one leg with his belt.  I still had one leg free to kick, but I tried not to move, as much as I could.  

 It went on for quite a while, with whapping on all the numbers, some hard and some soft, and all on the same spot on my inner thigh.  

Then he switched to the wood paddle, still hitting the same spot, and still counting.  Eventually he released my hands from the head board but left the leather strap connecting them.  Then he beat on my tits for a while, but not all that hard.  They are pretty sore and tender already.  

Then he took the belt off of my leg and doubled it. Then redoubled it again.  And hit the same. damn. spot on my thigh.  I could see the belt rising up and falling swiftly, landing on my sore flesh, which was all pink and raised, but after the paddle, it didn't seem that bad. 

 Then he used it on my breasts, and I covered them with my arms, which were still bound but only to each other by the wrists.   His belt came down over and over, it didn't matter that my arms were in the way, he was just hitting everywhere.  (It was pretty hot, this all over the place belting. I kinda love the belt, especially compared to the other two things- paddle and spoon).  

Letting me suck his cock was welcome, a short relief before he started up with something again on my ass- spoon? paddle? 
 --something anyway.  

Then he rolled me over and used the belt on my ass before fucking me.

We had to jump up quick afterward because he really had to go pee.  And I really had to be his pee post in the shower.  Lucky slave, right? 

I have a tiny bruise on my inner thigh.  And a whole lot of new sore spots.  We sure aren't being very successful in this whole 
bruises-for-kaya enterprise, but what the hey, we are having a lot of fun anyway.   

We went shopping for dishwashers at several stores after that, and my thigh was aching the whole time.  He loves to make sad faces at me when I say it is still hurting and say "Poor girl, I promise I'll never hit you again, ever," and then watch my face get all pouty at that idea.  

Then he laughs.  


  1. Moar fun! I won't have any for the next 30 days so I'll be living vicariously through you.

    Regarding bruises: Have you considered that he just needs to... hit harder? (teehee!)

  2. Shhh! No, I'm not going there! He hits plenty hard. :P

  3. I really think it needs investigating. :)

  4. Dear kaya, Maybe I just need practice. Wouldn't this be a wonderful time to return to the frozen north? Our guest bedroom is available.

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