Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dirty, Dirty girl.

It started at dinner time.  He nodded at the floor next to his chair and told me "You will kneel here."   He pulled my head onto his lap, just to rest my cheek on his thigh, nothing else.  Yet.  It is a comfortable place to be, and I found myself relaxing into him.

   I had to get up sometimes to fetch more food, make dessert and so on, but I enjoyed my kneeling time.   

After his dinner and tea I went upstairs with the clean laundry, and he came after me.  I didn't hear him being quiet like a ninja and he startled me in the dark, suddenly being there behind me, saying "Don't jump".   I shrieked.  Just a little.  

He locked the door and told me to strip.  He pushed me to the floor on my back and got his head between my thighs.  I tried to squirm away and he told me to hold still.  I wasn't really keen on that, but he was really into the pussy eating last night.  He had to speak sternly to me to make me be still. 

Then Master stood over me and told me he'd like to piss on me.  He pantomimed doing it, but happily for the bedroom carpet he didn't actually.  Yet.  Instead he took me into the bathroom and bent me over the sink to fuck me.  I was so wet at that point I was dripping. He was driving into me so hard it was nearly painful, but so good. 

He stopped and motioned me into the shower stall.  I knelt and got showered by him.  I felt very much like a dirty girl, because I loved it, the feelings of humiliation and ownership and being marked.  He told me to come, and I did, twice.  Then I sucked him as he had said I would.   Good to the last drop.  He left to go back downstairs and I took my time in getting cleaned up in the shower.  

When I was clean and wrapped in my fluffy robe, we watched a movie for a while, then he watched some porn while I sucked him again.  

"Suck it, you cocksucking little whore", his words made me squiggle and squirm and clench.

"Mmmmffffmmmmffftrrrr".  I was muffled.

He took me back upstairs and ordered me to sit on his face.  Master likes this more than I do, I think.  It is a mentally uncomfortable place for me.  But if he wants it, I do it, that is how things work here.  So I sat on him, felt his tongue up in my slit, and after a while it felt so good I forgot about being uncomfortable and just enjoyed it.    He pushed my head down so I was sucking him at the same time.   

He stood and had me kneel in front of him.   Taking my robe sash, he turned it into a slip knot and put it around my neck, used the sash as a leash/guide to pull me in and have me suck his dick, still kneeling in front of him.  Then he had the misery stick.   Owchie, it is aptly named!  Just a little wrist flick from him and it is stinging my ass.

Master ordered me to stand while he tied a rope harness on me, then told me to get in position.  He snapped me with his belt, then the misery stick, really hard.  He put me over his knee and then it really came down on me. I whimpered.  I stamped.  I came.

He pushed me onto all fours then and took me.  I was tightened up or something and when he thrust in a shriek I didn't mean to give burst out of me.  The next thrust got a smaller shriek, and then it stopped hurting.  Soon he came and we curled up on the floor.  

And then because I looked a little wistful that we were done already (seriously? I though "already"?  It must have been hours, but it didn't SEEM like hours) he took the misery stick and beat me again.  With Christmas carols this time.

 Then he started shoving his fist into me.

I'm quite sore in the bits region this morning and he said it's because he got nearly his whole hand in there.  It felt soooo good too.  I had even more orgasms. 

When he was done and told me to get up off the floor I was stumbling around looking at the floor in a dazed way, and he asked me what I was looking for.  

"My feet"  I answered, and giggled.  Yep, subspace will do that. 


  1. I was feeling pretty needy over here in my corner of the world - this DID NOT help, thanks.

    1. I'm sorry you are needy, but you get lots of caning, right?

    2. I didn't say that so well - i meant to say that it sounds like it was quite a night and you write it well.

    3. No worries, honey. I have those days when I can't even read other people's hot erotic stories because I have too much want of my own already.

  2. As promised, he gave you plenty to write about.


  3. WOW......i am surprised you could talk or think clearly.....
    hugs abby

  4. Freaking awesome! You are a good girl. Thank you for sharing.

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