Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Unexpected Playtime

It's kind of a minor miracle when both kids go to their friends' house at the same time.

I was just starting to make dinner when the friend called and said they could be by to pick kids up in a few minutes.   

After they left, it was only maybe five minutes later when someone knocked on the door.  We live out in the country and don't really get drop by visitors, especially at night, so I was surprised.  When I answered, it was the UPS guy.   I opened up the package right away.  My sister in law had sent me wooden spoons!  I wonder if these will manage to stay in the kitchen?   I have kind of a rule that once a wooden spoon gets used for "other" purposes then its days of cooking are done, so I had complained on FB that I couldn't find any in the kitchen.  

What a nice sis in law.

Anyway, I finished up dinner (spanakopita) and when Master got home he had his salad and a quick bite.  That morning he had forbidden me from playing with myself all day, so I would be more desperate at night.    He teased me, and spanked me with the cutting board, and reminded me to "Wait".   Wait is a cue word that gets me closer to orgasm but not pushing me over the edge.   It was trained by simple classical conditioning.  Like Pavlov.  

He told me to get upstairs, and after a little bit of knockdown and nearly getting raped on the stairs (giggle) I made it up there. 

Stairways are sometimes full of rapey goodness, you know.  

"Strip and get in position". 

 He picked out the loudest toy we have, one that barely gets used because of that - the leather slappy paddle - and applied it to my ass and thighs vigorously.  I jumped around and shrieked a lot.  Then he told me to pick out a toy for him and and wait.  WAIT.   He left for a few minutes.  I debated which toy to pick. 

 A cane?  No, I think he will use those anyway.  The belt?  Ohhh, ouch, maybe not.  The whip?  This was a close one.  I really like it.  But then I spied the dragon tail whip sitting next to the plain single tail whip.  The dragon tail is nice and stingy, but not as painful as the other whip, and it hadn't been used in a long time, so I grabbed it.  We wouldn't want any of the toys to feel left out.   

I knelt with my head on the floor and the dragon tail in an offering position. 

When Master came back he told me to lean back.  Picture me kneeling, then leaning back on my hands, tipping my head back.  He used the whip all over my front.  Stingy.  Then he got the belt out. 

Snap, snap, snap.

"One of these is going to hit you right on the cunt, slave."

I trembled.    Snap, snap, snap. On my thighs and breasts. It hurt, but not too unbearably.

Then SNAP hard, right on the cunt.  I rolled over, doubled up, and shrieked. That really fucking hurt.  As always.  He told me to come, and there was much more writhing.  

As soon as I could, I got back in position. 

"Do you want another on the cunt?"

"Yes, Master".   Of course I do.  Who wouldn't?  

Now I was really trembling.  I clutched my hands together in front of me and lay on my back as directed with my legs spread.  My thighs kept shrinking together.  He was snapping the single tail on them now.  

"Wider", he said.  I moved them an inch wider.  

"I said, spread your legs wider!"

A few more inches.  Still trembling, like, a whole lot. 

SNAP! On the inner thigh.  Oh!

And then a grazing one on the pussy, which hurt, but not as bad as the belt.  

He looked closely.  "You don't even have a cunt bruise!" 

Sniffle. It still hurts.  But I didn't say anything.  

He rolled me over onto my hands and knees, then began using both the dragon tail and single tail at the same time.  I just breathed.  

Relax. Breathe.  Don't fall over.  Don't try to crawl away.  And don't come yet!  These things floated around my floaty little brain.

When he was done, Master took me to bed, and I sucked his cock while he caned my one hip, as I was lying on my side at that point.  It really, really hurt.  I know I keep saying that, like some kind of whiny ass person.  But it really did.  I have a few little bruises, but it hurt a lot worse than the evidence would suggest.   

In the end he fucked me (so good!), and slapped me, and let me use the vibrator at the same time, and after that I kind of passed out for a while.

It was a great night, and very much a happy surprise!  

And Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!  I hope you all have a great holiday!   

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